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  • The Hot Sauce Adventure Club is the most exclusive membership ever! (Honestly, you’re lucky we’re even considering you.)
  • Each month, we send you different sauces. No mainstream stuff. No nonsense. Just delicious, exotic spice!
  • We source our sauce from all over the world. You won’t find these at your grocery store!

Serious about hot sauce? If you won't eat without adding a little heat, you belong in this club.

Stop wasting time and make the best decision you'll make all year!

We swear...

...a lot. Especially when we see the same old flavor on the table for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and late night. That's why we avoid these most common hot sauces in our monthly picks. Don't get us wrong; we love these sauces. We just think it's lame to send you stuff you can easily find in a local store. What kind of adventure would that be? Our mission is to find and share exotic, unique, delicious, unusual, and yes...HOT sauces that you've never seen or heard of. Keep your familiar flavors around. We do. But when you open a package from Hot Sauce Adventure Club, expect to be surprised with a variety of carefully curated, craft, still 'put it on everything' bottle of flavor and heat.

HSAC swears to never send you a super mainstream hot sauce

Ready to taste true adventure?

Become Enlightened

We were once like you. We thought there were two kinds of hot sauce: stuff you find in stores and restaurants, and the kind you find in novelty shops like Death by Fire, Tongue Destroyer, and Ass Burner 3000. Then we took a trip to Central America. We discovered a whole new hot sauce philosophy! (and we ate Iguana!) Yeah, we burned the hell out of ourselves. But these new sauces had heat AND flavor. It was an illuminating experience.

So we forgot all about the Scoville Heat Scale and R-rated names on the bottle and started traveling the world, looking for tasty hot sauces from the furthest reaches of the globe. Join our club. Travel to foreign lands...with your tongue. Get hot sauce cultured. Become enlightened.

The Hot Sauce Adventure Club will actually make you a better person!
The Start of your Addiction.
The Adventurer Membership
  • 1 Bottle a Month
  • 12 Month Membership
  • 100% Pure Awesome
  • Cancel Anytime
$12.00 A Month
Office? Sorority? Cult? You're Gonna Need More Bottles!
The Expedition Membership
  • 3 Different Bottles a Month
  • 12 Month Membership
  • The Best Threesome Ever!
  • Cancel Anytime
$30.00 A Month
Great Gift Package!
The Explorer Membership
  • 1 Bottle a Month
  • 3 Month Membership
  • Perfect for Commitment-phobes
  • Cancel Anytime
$15.00 A Month

Frequently Uttered Queries

Have you never bought stuff online before? I mean its pretty common now. It's just like ordering from Amazon or iTunes, only way better because you get hot sauce instead of another copy of 50 Shades of Lame or a gawdawful Justin Beaver album (that's her name, right?). For the rest of you who are still confused, please refer to our collection of the dumb questions members ask below.

What if I have an adverse bowel reaction?

Eat more sauce. Your goal is to kill whatever little microbes are messing around with your lower half. Seriously, some of those buggers are tough. If your gut conditions don't improve, please, don't tell us about it. That's just disgusting. See your local witchdoctor, shaman, or as a last resort, a licensed physician.

What if the hot sauce never arrives?

All answers can be found by consulting your nearest Ouija board or Magic 8 Ball. No answer? It's probably your fault for entering the wrong information during your order. Please double check your account information and update it. If none of that works, or if you're just really impatient, you can always reach out to us directly at dan [at] However, please wait 3 to 4 weeks for the first bottle to arrive. Sometimes the first fulfillment takes a little while. Stay saucy.

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

You're kidding, right? Why would you want to leave the best club that has ever been conceived? Whatever... If you want to cancel, just log in to your account (there's a link at the top right corner of the home page) and click 'Cancel'. We'll stop charging your card. Please keep in mind that there may be a bottle already on it's way to you. Please enjoy your final bottle with a mild sense of shame and regret.