Consider gifting your spice-loving Dad with the gift that keeps giving this year, exclusive membership in a club that will make each meal an adventure every month.

It is time to go out and have some summer fun, but there is no reason to skimp on flavor as you enjoy your mixed drinks. Just try some of these ideas to add spice to your next night.

Some top chefs know how to bring the heat, and their dishes are famous across the globe. If you have a bucket list and enjoy spice, you need to make room for three more spots.

The Zombies are coming. What are you doing to make sure that you will not only survive but thrive? Hot sauce may be more useful than you realize.

We've all been there. The land of desperation. Perhaps it happens at an elderly aunt's house, or maybe at midnight it strikes. That moment when you realize you are completely out of hot sauce. There are three levels of hot sauce desperation that you should know about before you reach them. 


Level One: 

Dining out can be a relaxing, rewarding experience. However to hot sauce lovers, even the best meal can be left wanting when the establishment does not provide proper heat with the plate. Those who do not walk on the hotter side of life may not understand why you are staring at your dinner with a dejected look, but fellow hot sauce lovers get it. We know that this meal, no matter how great it is, could be epic if only you had your hot sauce.

Are you missing out on some of the best hot sauce pairings? Then get in the game and open up your culinary world by saucing some of these tried and true foods.

Have you started to dread every meal you eat that does not work with hot sauce? Did you get weird looks the last time you pulled out your favorite bottle to sprinkle on a birthday cake?

Valentines is for Sauciness
posted Feb 9, 2015

Get it? The heart is on fire sauce. So Valentines Day is upon us and what better time to luxuriate in a mutual love for hot sauce?


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