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3 Restaurants Where You Have to Pack Your Own Hot Sauce

Dining out can be a relaxing, rewarding experience. However to hot sauce lovers, even the best meal can be left wanting when the establishment does not provide proper heat with the plate. Those who do not walk on the hotter side of life may not understand why you are staring at your dinner with a dejected look, but fellow hot sauce lovers get it. We know that this meal, no matter how great it is, could be epic if only you had your hot sauce. There are three types of restaurants in particular that leave guests wishing they packed their own favorite hot sauce.

Non-Traditional Hot Sauce Parings

chocolate hot sauceHave you started to dread every meal you eat that does not work with hot sauce? Did you get weird looks the last time you pulled out your favorite bottle to sprinkle on a birthday cake? You are not alone, and desperate people have came up with some creative, delicious pairings so no matter the meal, you can enjoy your spice. 


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