3 Restaurants Where You Have to Pack Your Own Hot Sauce

Dining out can be a relaxing, rewarding experience. However to hot sauce lovers, even the best meal can be left wanting when the establishment does not provide proper heat with the plate. Those who do not walk on the hotter side of life may not understand why you are staring at your dinner with a dejected look, but fellow hot sauce lovers get it. We know that this meal, no matter how great it is, could be epic if only you had your hot sauce. There are three types of restaurants in particular that leave guests wishing they packed their own favorite hot sauce.

Who wants to tear apart 10 little bags of generic, horrible tasting red hot sauce packets? No one, but that is often the only choice you have at many Chinese restaurants. The spare ribs, and won-tons will taste that much better when you pull out your own bottle and go to town.

Fast Food 

Most fast food joints overlook the joy of spicy sauce on your fries, and a shake of pepper fire on your chicken sandwich. Many people carry around their favorite bottle just in case they are stuck with another bland fast food meal with non spicy options. Getting stuck eating plain fries can ruin an otherwise delish meal.

Southern Cuisine

Fried Chicken, collard greens, and fried okra are all delicious and in the south delectable bottles of pepper sauce and Louisiana are typical fares on every table. However for a more variable addictive flavor to round out the artery clogging heaven that is southern cooking, you must bring your own bottle of spice to finish off the flavors. Just be discreet when pulling it out, some in the south are very loyal to pepper sauce, and some cooks do not like the idea of anyone adding to their recipe.

If your favorite restaurant has one glaring flaw in the fact that they do not stock your favorite sauce, just keep a bottle in the car for the on the go culinary emergencies. Oh, and one way to stay stocked happens to be with a great hot sauce of the month club