5 Ways to Enjoy Spice With Your Mixed Drink

Why miss out on the flavor just because you are ready to party? If you are willing to ask or demand, these 5 drinks can be made perfect with a bit spice. 


1. "Jose Courveo you are a friend of mine I like to drink you with a little salt and lime..." Salt and lime is great with tequila, but a bit of ground chili peppers in with the salt can add a whole new flavor profile for the brave. 


2. A Bloody Mary is the perfect carrier for heat. Sriracha hot sauce seems to be made to go in it just as it is and other items can finish off this drink to make it perfect. Peppers like Jalapeños go great with the tomato base and spicy garnishes such as pickled peppers make this summer treat a spicy delight. Just don't forget that it is alcoholic as you order one after another "angry" Bloody Mary. 


3. Vodka comes in many flavors, most of them fruity and sweet like cupcake and apple. Vodka lends itself perfectly as a base for heat though. For the brave, chili infused vodka is easy to make and addictive in shots. If chili peppers are not your thing, then use your favorite spice, just remember the longer the peppers soak the spicier your drink will be. 


4. A dirty martini is a great go-to for drinkers who enjoy the savory side. But a steamy-dirty martini with slices of bright green jalapeños to go with those olives and a few splashes of a vinegar based hot sauce, will make you feel filthy-fabulous and of course, ask for ten more. 


5. Whisky and spice can go south fast, it takes skill to make a good spicy mixed drink with such a strong flavor base. The key is to find a spice that complements the whisky, such as smoked chili peppers and balance it with something sweet like brown sugar or orange juice. 


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