How to Chose the Perfect Hot Sauce this Father's Day

Bring the thunder this Father's Day to the man who raised you and deserves the best. Whether he enjoys Satan's furnace or just a little taste of the wild side there is the perfect sauce out there for even the most discerning taste. 



Often a savory blend will have a strong tomato base and the heat will be secondary to the other flavors. The best savory blends will know how to bring the heat, but it is an art form to balance the heat and the other strong flavors perfectly.



Mango, pineapple, even apple can make a great base for a fruit based hot sauce. In the south honey and sugar based hot sauce is common. If your Dad likes his ribs spicy, but with a sweet caramelized glaze the a sweet option is perfect. 



Not everyone has time to smoke their meat. Hot sauces with the smoke already added are great for spice loving BBQ addicts who may not have time to actually smoke their lunch. 



Does your Dad chop up jalapenos on his eggs, order habaneros on his burger and seem to shake a bottle of some spice on every meal he eats? It may be time to challenge him with an out of this world spicy sauce. Just be ready with a warning, a cup of milk, and apologies if the sauce is too hot! 


If you want to surprise your Dad once a month instead of just once a year, you can buy him a gift subscription to the most awesome club on earth. The Hot Sauce Adventure Club will mail him a new bottle to enjoy every single month, for a gift that keeps giving 12 times over.