How to Use Hot Sauce to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

The zombies have arrived. They are literally, everywhere. On the news in Florida, on the History Channel, blockbuster movies, and hit TV shows. Let's hope that reality does not follow the hype, but just in case here are four ways to use your love of hot sauce to survive the possible upcoming zombie apocalypse. 

1. You can survive anything as long as you're stocked up on your favorite spice, so start there. No matter how desperate times get, eating mice from the basement will feel like decadence if you can slather it in hot sauce. 

2. Start a village where hot sauce is currency, sure this will only work if every one else loves the heat but only the strong will survive in this situation, so that will not be a problem. The better quality sauces you have stored up, the richer you will be in this world. 

3. Many hot sauces have a base of vinegar. Vinegar can be used as an antibacterial agent in tough times. Times will not be much tougher than during the Z apocalypse. So stock up on the pepper sauce, to ward off the super bug that seems to follow in many scenarios. 

4. The idea of using your precious spice flavoring as mace is likely atrocious. However, when times get tough people do things they never thought possible. In a worst case scenario, your hottest bottle will stop most intruders in their tracks.



Each month when you receive your new bottle of heat you can feel confident that you belong to the most awesome club in the world,  and you are doing your part to prep for zombies.