If You Thought Peppers Were Just for Eating, You Thought Wrong

Recently there was a question asked to a group of anonymous internet users, "what is the most pointless thing that people brag about?" One of the replies was: "eating hot things". Well eff that troll! The fact is people who eat spicy foods, and prefer hot sauce on their food are quit ludicrous, but not for the reasons you may be thinking. It may be insane to need an extra bit of spice or flavor on every single dish. This insanity is catching, and it is not controllable. And it is worth bragging about because some people just cannot handle the heat and are envious of those who can. People who enjoy hot spices are 13% better than the rest of the population. This is a scientifically proven fact.

Once you take that first bite that burns going down but makes you have to sprinkle some more on the dish because the pleasure outweighs the pain, it is already too late. Hot sauce connoisseurs know that no matter how perfect the dish, it is just not complete with out a little fire. Even the most faithful lovers of a little spice may not know that there are uses for capsaicin that have nothing to do with the flavor. Once people discover the multiple uses of peppers, chances are the obsessive love for the spicy will reach increasingly insane levels.

Top Five Uses for Peppers Outside the Kitchen

  1. Ease Back Pain Capsaicin in peppers when applied in a rub interrupts the transmitters in the spinal cord from reaching the brain, therefor dulling pain when rubbed on a specific area.
  2. Deter Pests Animals and insects do not enjoy the heat, it seems to be a human pleasure alone. The heat from the peppers is extremely painful upon contact to all sorts of critters, and deadly to many bugs. It is safe and non-toxic to garden plants.
  3. Increased Metabolism When it comes to weight loss, peppers can help through increasing temperatures and irritating the system slightly. The effect increases with people who do not enjoy the heat so much.
  4. Headache Relief Cayenne peppers have been proven to help headaches better than the placebos in trials. The catch is that it has to be applied to the inside of the nose.
  5. Self Defense Mace, and other self-defense sprays have the main ingredient of capsaicin to halt would be attackers in their tracks.

So there you have it. Peppers are good for just about every element in your life, and they make nearly every dish better in hot sauce. Join the club with the rest of the percentage of population who already know that peppers just may be the secret answer to life, the universe and everything else.


Make the best damn decision you'll make all year eat more hot sauce every month

If You Thought Peppers Were Just for Eating, You Thought Wrong | Hot Sauce Adventure Club


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