Non-Traditional Hot Sauce Parings

chocolate hot sauceHave you started to dread every meal you eat that does not work with hot sauce? Did you get weird looks the last time you pulled out your favorite bottle to sprinkle on a birthday cake? You are not alone, and desperate people have came up with some creative, delicious pairings so no matter the meal, you can enjoy your spice. 


Fruits - Some fruits just lend themselves to certain hot sauces. For example mango, pineapple, orange, all taste great with a little salt and spice. Are you happy? Now you can enjoy a healthy refreshing summer snack without compromising your need for heat. 


Fresh Veggies - Celery is often served next to hot wings as a refreshing carrier for the creamy dressing that some need to cool down. Many people don't realize that celery alone is a great with various hot sauces just like the chicken wings. The same is true for carrots, and other veggies that would be dipped in creamy dressings. Your favorite vinaigrette can be made better with a few drops of hot sauce, imagine if salads were as addictive as hot wings? 


Chocolate - Some effing genius figured out that coco can be savory. There are candy bars available with specks of peppers ranging in spice that will make any heat lover melt. Mole sauce at a Spanish restaurant is nothing short of addictive when done right. If you have not tried spiced hot coco in the winter, then what are you waiting for? And a dash of spicy sauce on chocolate ice-cream, that is living.  There is no reason to endure your sweet treats without a spicy kick anymore.


Slushy - There is a slushy available that changes lives. How many of you heat lovers have went with friends or family to a slushy stand, knowing that amongst all their too sweet pairings they would have nothing you enjoyed? One day I wandered into a stand in Texas and received an awakening.  I was served a pickle slushy with copious amounts of jalapenos, chili powder, and chili sauce. It was nothing short of perfect. Do not shy away from refreshing summer treats or icy stands because you never know when you will wander into one that "gets it". 


Do not limit yourself if you already know you love the heat. These non-traditional pairings will open up new food groups to those in the awesome percentage of the population who get that a little spice makes every meal better.