Top 3 Hot Spots You Should Have on Your Bucket List

Savory, spicy, delicious, and unforgettable. When the top chefs put their all into a meal it is worth traveling to enjoy. Here are the top 3 foodie destinations for spice lovers to visit. 


1. London, England -  Rasa Restaurant in London England is worth the trip across the pond alone if you are a lover of spicy food. Their curries are renowned and some of them will make even the most heat tolerant foodie break a sweat. 


2. New York, United States - Spicy Hot Pot is a restaurant in China Town for those who like it hot, really hot. There are a million reasons to visit New York, and not a single one not to go to Spicy Hot Pot if you get a chance. 


3. Mumbai,India - Wasabi by Morimoto is an exclusive restaurant but if you can get in, the experience is worth the effort for a fire craving foodie. The menu is modern and the top chefs are always trying innovative new things. 


Even if you do not see yourself traveling across the globe to actually dine at any of these hot spots, you can still have a hot sauce adventure. The Hot Sauce Adventure Club will deliver a new bottle of spice to your door each month so you can enjoy your own culinary diversity at home.