Vacation Cancelled? Try Tongue Traveling!

Have you been planning that vacation for weeks? Were you getting excited about tasting all of the new exotic foods? And then HR called to inform you that the week you chose months ago is now a 'blackout period' and you shouldn't go if you want to keep those paychecks coming in. Don't despair! There's a way through this...and hot sauce can help.

palm tree on sandy beach

But what, you ask, could possibly replace your cancelled vacation? In a phrase, "tongue traveling." (For the pubescent minded among you, get your thoughts out of the gutter!) We are talking about the hot sauce experience--nay--adventure of a lifetime! Why sulk over your cancelled Mexican Riviera cruise, when you can have the vacation come straight to your front door?

You wanted heat and a foreign experience. Look no further than a five ounce bottle of rest and relaxation. Here are the top three reasons why enhancing your life with some exotic hot sauce is superior to touring a tropical paradise.

1) Hot sauces can transport you to places you've never even dreamed of. Did you know that in some countries hot sauces are aphrodisiacs? The 'hot' in hot sauce, capsaicin, increases blood flow and promotes perspiration. Sound familiar? Next time you are looking to spice things up, take a trip to the land of exotic spices and unusual flavors. Sweaty bodies, pulsing tongues, bodies in need of a sweet relief, need we say more?

2) Any experience can be enhanced by the right food components. Fact: hot sauce complements any meal. For your next gathering, make it a tropical theme with unique foods and delectable hot sauces. Throw in a couple of fruity rum drinks, and voila! Instant luau or Brazilian beach party (swimwear optional). And best of all, no bug bites!

3) Speaking of travel related discomforts, hot sauce doesn't give you sunburns, jet lag, or lost luggage! That's right. Tongue traveling provides all the benefits of a vacation near the equator, but none of the pain. Remember that trip to the Caribbean when you came back with a parasite and a palm frond pattern scorched into your backside? No? Oh, that's right. That was us. But still, none of that can happen with a hot sauce adventure.

We may add to this list from time to time. But for now you've got plenty of reasons to celebrate that cancelled trip and enjoy all the exotic pleasures and tropical delights, right in the comfort of your own home.


Looking for a good Hot Sauce Gift? You can purchase the sauce, and we'll ship that delicious goodness to whoever you like. 

Vacation Cancelled? Try Tongue Traveling! | Hot Sauce Adventure Club


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