Valentines is for Sauciness

Hot Sauce Sets my Heart on Fire Get it? The heart is on fire sauce. So Valentines Day is upon us and what better time to luxuriate in a mutual love for hot sauce? If your partner does not enjoy the finer things in life like you, then there is no better time to convert them to the hot side.

Ways Hot Sauce Can Make Your Valentine's Day Unforgettable

  • Instead of your old boring cologne, use your favorite hot sauce as a gift. It will get both you and your partner's blood flowing. And when they go in for a nibble or kiss on the neck, the tingle will not soon be forgotten.
  • Forget to buy flower petals in time for the big night? No problem, just sprinkle some of your favorite flavors all over the bed sheets and floor. Use a blend of mild and atomic for a romantic ambiance that beats dead flowers any day. And if she gets mad about the hot sauce stains on the carpet and sheets? Keep in mind that making up is half the fun!
  • Are things getting a little dull in the relationship? What better time to address it and spice things up and on this day for lovers. Start by addressing the problem bluntly, then present your love with a bottle of the hottest sauce you own. If they are hesitant to taste, consider a water gun aimed for the mouth. Sure a spoonful may mean the rest of the night is spent rolling on the floor in misery, but it will break the doldrums. Right? Right!
  • Everyone enjoys a romantic candle-lit dinner. Make yours extra special by making each dish more fiery than the last. If the recipe calls for a savory one tsp, add five heck, make it ten. And make sure you slip a few drops of your delicious hot sauce gift right into your lover's wine. After a hot dinner like that, image how spicy things will get between the sheets afterwards!
  • Are you planning to go big and propose this Valentine's day? Great! Show your love how hot you really think they are by going out for a night on the town. Choose a public location, and order a bourbon straight. Now add equal parts of your favorite hot sauce and dare your future spouse to shoot it. When they discover the ring at the bottom of the glass they will be speechless, breathless, and maybe in need of medical attention. It is okay though, who could say no to such a unique proposal?

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