Return and Cancellation Policies


It's simple. Cancel your membership at any time. We'll stop sending you hot sauce; and you'll live a miserable existence from then on. Depending upon what day you cancel, you may receive one more shipment of sauce before we stop charging you. Sorry, there's nothing we can do about that at the moment. Enjoy that last bottle of awesomeness and consider telling us why you decided to quit the club.


No need to return a bottle to us ever. Since this is an adventure club, not every sauce will be your favorite. If you don't like a particular sauce you receive, please stop eating it. Feel free to let us know you didn't enjoy that one and why. If none of you like it, we'll stop sending it to anybody. There are no refunds for unused hot sauce. However you may cancel your membership at any time.

If a bottle arrives damaged, please do not eat the hot sauce! Snap a picture of the broken bottle or damaged packaging and let us know right away. You can email us at tasteadventure [at] (please include the picture so we can yell at the shipper). We'll make a note on your account and send a replacement bottle as soon as we can.